Running on empty

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*whew*  I am so glad to be home. 🙂

After work, I had to head to the grocery store because after a weekend of being away, it is slim pickin’ in our house for fresh fruits and veggies.  That just will not do!

About an hour and two stores later and I returned home with my bounty.  Fortunately, Sam had dinner ready when I walked in the door.  Perfecto!  I was starving — definitely running on empty.

These little pesto-filled tortellinis from Trader Joe’s are awesome.  It’s a good quick meal and we double checked the ingredients and all natural.  Wonderful.  That means it fits with the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March guidelines.  I love me some of that.  It turns out our store-brand pasta sauce is natural, too.  Since I’m a thrifty shopper and super budgeter, this makes me incredibly happy.

Backing up a little bit, here’s lunch:

A AB&J (almond butter and jelly) sandwich on homemade bread, clementines, apple, Triscuits, trail mix and some zucchini I sliced up.  Here’s a good tip — got squash?  Got a microwave at work?  Slice it up, put it in a microwave-safe bowl, add a splash of water and nuke that bad boy.  Instant veg in your lunch. 🙂  Anytime you can add veg, you should, in my book!

So I have to show you what our counter looks like right now:

Temptation amidst wiser, healthier choices.  I took the rest of my birthday cake home and there it sits, in all its glory.  So *sigh* I had to have a piece. 😉

I don’t feel bad about this at all.  I don’t — I’m not one of those surplus/deficit eaters.  I don’t think to myself, “well, I have enough calories left in my day, so I can eat this cake” or “ooh, I ate that cake, now I owe myself 5 miles to work it off.  What a crummy way to approach food.

I stop.  I think.  Fruit today?  Check.  Veg today?  Check.  Other essentials?  Yup.  Good.  Have a piece of cake and just don’t go overboard.

This hasn’t always been my way of thinking — but I find it a healthier approach to food AND to exercise.  Wait, what?  Exercise.  Yep.  I actually enjoy the running because I stopped assigning it the colossal task of being my “bad” food eliminator.  I’m not looking at exercise as a way to correct “mistakes”.   I exercise because it makes me feel balanced.

That’s why I had such a good time running eight miles yesterday! 🙂  Eight seemed easy, almost.  Bring on 13.1!!!!  The first two were a little tough — the weather was less than ideal (rainy, windy yuck), but I told myself to get to six miles and then stop and walk for a bit while I ate my Luna Moons.  I was at six before I knew it.  LOVE that kind of a run.  The Luna Moons went down a lot easier than the GU and I had no stomach problems.  I knew those people at the Fleet Feet store knew what they were talking about.  I had half the packet at six miles and then finish it off after the eight with a healthy dose of water.

What’s so funny is the Clif Bloks and the Luna Moons are both MORE natural than the GU in terms of ingredients.  So now I’m left wondering if my adverse stomach reaction last weekend was the result of my body freaking out over foreign invaders after a week of clean living.

We’ll never know.

What’s your exercise attitude?  Do you do it for you or because you feel like you have to?


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