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March 9, 2010 at 9:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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Well, it was bound to hit sooner or later.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want an eggroll.  I mean, I reallllly want an eggroll.  It’s all I thought about all day today.  Odd-preservative/chemical/MSG-deprived craving?

I think so. 😉  But I didn’t give up!  I stayed true to the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March challenge.  Everything I eat must answer the questions: does it have a mama? and did it grow in the ground?

Dinner didn’t work out quite the way I thought.  I wanted to make another Spain-inspired dish, but I needed to use bread crumbs and one look at the label told me that wasn’t going to happen this month.  *sigh*  Never one to give up, I made my own bread crumbs with the homemade bread.  I toasted them for a while and then crumbled them up.  Not quite the same, but close enough for…

My “Spanish Stacker”!  Jury is still out as to whether this is an authentic Spanish dish, or just something my host mother threw together on her own creative whim.  I can hear it coming from the kitchen now, “She’s American, she’ll never know the difference!”  Asun was one fiesty host mama.

The stacker has rice, spinach, roasted red pepper, lightly breaded chicken (skillet “fried” in a scant amount of olive oil) with an egg on top!  Strange combo, I know, but so filling and sooooo good.

Short post tonight, I’m pretty beat and I really need to clean out the DVR (that’s the productive way of saying I have a date with trashy tv!).

Here’s your Betcha Didn’t Know...tidbit for today:  I’m ambidextrous.  Yep, it’s true.  I’m primarily left-handed (meaning I prefer to write with my left) but I can write with my right hand.  I was a switch hitter when I played softball and I cut with scissors with my right hand.  Sam’s a lefty, so I’m curious to see how this might affect future offsprings’ digital dominance.  Only time will tell (and quite a bit of time — babies aren’t on the agenda yet!).

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  1. well Spanish or not, your dish looks yummy. And that’s super cool you are ambidextrous. You know, I once saw an interview on tv of a basketball player who could shoot with either hand and he told the reporters he was amphibious. Swear to God I saw it. We ate sushi tonight and it was the best ever. Not sure if the sauces would meet your “have a mama…” requirements, but everything else I think was healthy and whole.

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