Hit Me With Your Best Shot

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I got a tetanus shot this morning.  The shot came with a warning that “this will feel like you’ve been punched in the arm”.

I have NEVER been punched.  I feel this was not an accurate description.

Don’t worry, I didn’t do a jig on rusty nails, I just went for a follow up doctor’s visit where it was uncovered I have not had a tetanus shot in more than 10 years.  Super.  At least I’m protected now.  Truthfully, we do a lot of renovation work on our house (we basically bought it for the yard, the roof and the exterior walls — everything else is changing slowly but DIY surely) and it isn’t a bad idea to have an up to date shot.

But still.  OW.

Later in the morning, Ruby (the older of the monsters) scared away a Jehovah’s Witness who had the misfortune to knocking on our door.  It was quite a spectacular display of territorial instinct.  Zora (the younger of the monsters), joined in with a half-hearted White Fang growl.

Poor evangelist never knew what hit him.  He backed away from our door, hands up, head shaking.

I had pretty good eats in the midst of all this craziness…

TOAD IN A HOLE! 🙂  I wanted more of that fab homemade bread, so this morning, I pulled out a piece with the intent of punching a hole in it and filling the void with an egg.  Warming up the skillet, I realized I couldn’t use my usual non-stick cooking spray — it obviously doesn’t fall within the guidelines of “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March.  I channeled my inner pioneer woman (which closely resembles a character on the Oregon Trail computer game) and plopped a small pat of REAL butter in the skillet.  I let it melt, toasted the bread on each side and then put that egg in its proper place.

Yummy.  A cup of coffee with organic half and half was also consumed.

Post dr’s appointment and monster walk, I was still a little hungry and knew I wouldn’t make it to lunch time.  Enter, a Green Monster Smoothie.

(It always looks better in a wine glass).  Still haven’t tried these babies?  What’s holding you back?  Is it the color?  Really, that’s it?  The color?  You’d probably drink a smoothie if it’s pink or orange.  Well, then close your eyes and pretend.

Now slug it back.  It’s so GOOD FOR YOU and you’ll be surprised at how amazing it tastes.

Lunch was provided by my good friend, Bob (of Bob’s Red Mill).  Vegi Soup!  Perfectly natural and oh so delicious.  You can read more about why I love this soup here.  I also prepped a salad of red leaf lettuce, tomato and feta, drizzled in EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar.  Some trail mix (walnuts, almonds and dried cranberries) and blueberries for good measure.  I forgot a fork though, so the salad will be interesting to eat.

You’ll note my 4 o’clock yogurt is no where to be seen.  Well, that’s because I’m switching it up today!  We had left over barley from last night’s dinner.  I sprinkled a little cinnamon and plan to heat it up later.  There’s some research that supports the notion that cinnamon helps your body slow down its digestion (esp. with carbs) and doesn’t give you a crazy blood sugar spike.  It’s the crash of that spike that can transform you into a refrigerator raider.  Just thought you’d like to know. 😉

That’s all for now…we’re going out to dinner tonight for a date night.  Tune in to see how I manage to stick to the “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama and It Doesn’t Grow in the Ground” March challenge.  Can I do it or will be I be bound to the homefront for the whole month?

We shall see!!!!  Meanwhile, talk amongst ya-selves about this.

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