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…first, can we just off-road for a minute and talk about The Bachelor?  I don’t even follow that show all that closely and was APPALLED he pick Vienna.  A lot of comments were made last night about her fake blonde hair and seemingly other fake bits ;), but when you get down to it, what bothered me most was her seeming lack of sincerity and genuine maturity.

Wait, what?  Surely not!  On a reality tv show?

Okay, thank you.  Moving on ;).

I cannot believe this, but I got up at 5:05 AM to run.  Good God.  Once a week, I run with Sam in the morning and since he goes into work earlier than I do (8AM vs. 11AM), it means getting up when he gets up.  It was 6AM, but as the runs got longer and more time consuming, he started pushing the wake up call further and further back.  Since I crawled into bed around 11 last night (but it was soooo worth it for all the laughs during The Bachelor) 5:05 came way to early.  I have NEVER met a morning I liked.

I have half a LaraBar (courtesy of my Fitnessista giveaway pack) pre-run as we were heading out for 4.5 miles and I couldn’t run on empty.  I tried the Tropical Fruit Tart flavor.

Ordinarily, I’m not really into fruity bars, but this one proved me wrong.  It was sweet, tangy and reminded me of my honeymoon in Jamaica.  Kind of like a healthy, non-alcoholic pina colada ;).  Wouldn’t every run start off best if we could have a heavy dose of nostalgia and rum?  Kidddddding.

What rocked about the LaraBar was the ingredient list, check it out: dates, pineapple, unsweetened coconut, almonds, extra virgin coconut oil, cashews, orange juice concentrate and orange peel.

I dare you to find something in there you don’t recognize.  I’m making a mental note that the LaraBars are a go-to snack during “If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March!

Before we even got running, I saw THREE deer running through our backyard.  I was taking the monsters out when I heard snow crunching.  I panicked and started calculating the best way to get the pups back in the house, assuming it was a mountain lion.  No, we don’t have mountain lions in my neighborhood, but at 5:15AM, that was apparently the threatening animal of choice for my overactive imagination.

It was beautiful to see them (the deer, not the monsters)  run away — so graceful, even in their fright.  I wish I could run like a doe — except for the whole pale tail syndrome thing ;).

My run was very un-deer like, I plodded along for the whole 4.5 miles, keeping a moderately good morning pace and finishing strong.  I’m going to have to eat the bars earlier though.  It gave me the fuel I was looking for, but sat in my stomach like a tennis ball.

Post-run morning eats were pretty much a repeat of yesterday.

A Green Monster Smoothie… (pardon the lighting, it was NOT ectoplasm from Ghost Busters as it may appear)

Coffee with organic half and half and light agave…

And post-monster walk, a bowl of Kashi Go Lean and plain ol’ skim milk.

Check check check.  Everything so far either had a mama or grew from the ground.  I’m going to have to pack lunch soon and I’m realizing our bread isn’t going to make the list.  Sad face.  What will I do?  I didn’t sign up for a NO CARB MONTH.  Bleck.  Carbs are good.  Embrace them — just don’t squeeze too tight ;).

Don’t be dumber than a cucumber!


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  1. wahhh! i got up at 5am and ran too! I just did 4. nice job on your healthy eats.

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