“If It Doesn’t Have a Mama” March Day 1

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If it doesn’t have a mama and it doesn’t grow in the ground — don’t eat it!

I’ll admit, right off the bat, that this is going to be tricky.  This challenge requires a lot more attention to detail than I thought, even initially.

Started off innocent enough as I assembled my typical Green Monster Smoothie — into the blender went spinach, frozen banana, exempted protein powder.

Then it came time to add the light soy milk and I froze.  There were words I didn’t recognize. 

Carrageenan?  I feel like that’s a word a 5-year-old made up for their magical friend secret language.  How do you even pronounce that? Hard “g”, soft “g”?

Frankly, I won’t last through this challenge if I can’t use soy milk, so a-Googling I go.  Turns out, carrageenan is a seaweed extract, which I’m okay with (it grows in the ground — the bottom of the ocean is the ground).  Crisis averted.  *phew*  I swapped my usual Walmart generic brand PB for a tablespoon full of Trader Joe’s natural pb and BOOM!  Breakfast passed the test.  I had to leave my usual coffee creamer on the fridge door — I don’t want to waste all that time looking up ingredients when there is perfectly good organic half and half and light agave to use.  It was different, but not earth-shattering.  I just have to get used to using the new three amigos.  P.S. LOVE agave.  LOVE it.

Lunch was pretty easy going: a salad with red leaf lettuce, carrots, tomaters, red bell pepper and avocado (all ground growers).

My usual salad dressing joined the coffee creamer on the door (see you guys in April!)…

…and I meant to add EVOO and balsamic vinegar to the salad, but forgot.  Dry salad = sad face.  Add to lunch an apple, a cup of freshly cut pineapple (need to know to cut one up, check out this video) and a measured out serving of vanilla yogurt from this big tub.

I had to swap mine out — too many artificial sweetners.  This yogurt is thicker and a little blander, but I think I can handle it.  It also kept me fuller longer which I found intriguing.   (yogurt is my go-to afternoon snack.  4 o’clock rolls around and like Pavlov’s pup, I’m looking for the yog)

The best part of lunch?  My cheapy granola from Aldi is TOTALLY NATURAL.  I mean, it says it on the box, I don’t know why I was surprised (maybe it’s the whole being a child of the 90’s and being used to false advertising).  SCORE.  At least I can count on the discount granola.

I was on my own for dinner (Sam had a business dinner) and whipped up some yummy salmon with EVOO and Creole seasoning, a serving of rice with a pat of butter (YES, REAL BUTTER *gasp*) and green beans.  The count for dinner is one check for ‘has a mama’ and 2 checks for ‘grows in the ground’.  Excellent.

I’m off to watch The Bachelor finale (don’t judge, we all need our bubblegum for the brain) with some fabulous ladies.  There will probably be wine involved, which I okay as I exempted it.  The real trick will be if there are munchies involved.  I haven’t told anyone face to face I’m doing this challenge — I’m thinking I’ll get the “oh, you’re a crunchy granola eater” look.

Ah well.  I’ll just challenge them to explain the ingredients to me then. 😉

Remember friends, the devil is in the details.


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  1. Just found your site today and I love it. I love reading running stories, especially ones that are humorous. And the food post above is right up my alley–me being an enthusiastic omnivore, a lover of cooking…stuff, and a lover of the healthy, whole food approach. Good luck with your half training. When is it? I am running one in April.

    • Hey, thank you and welcome! It’s always nice to get good feedback :).
      My half is April 11th, which seems forever away and all too close at the same time! When is yours?

  2. Mine is April 25… best of luck!!

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