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Looks like the overnight snow wasn’t nearly as bad as predicted.  We’re supposed to get 1-2 inches on Friday, so we’ll see.  Then maybe we’re done?  Maybe?  Please?

The basketball game we went to last night was awesome!  It was neck and neck the whole game and our team won with a three pointer right before the buzzer.  Beautiful!  It was like watching a hokey sports movie — you just KNEW your team was going to pull it out and win the big game.

I enjoy watching sports, but I’m not hardcore.  Unfortunately, we live in a pretty small, rural community, so you’ve gotta select  your entertainment from the slim pickins.   While we were at the game, I noticed something and it just continued to roll around in my brain during this morning’s run….so here we go.  We’re OFF ROADING.

I think technology is great.  Fantastic in fact.  With the advent of technology, my husband and I can be in the same grocery store, lose track of each another and then spend 3 minutes on the phone trying to find one another — “no, I’m in the frozen foods aisle” and “well, I’m in the produce” and “no, the ORGANIC produce”…makes for interesting shopping.  How did people find each other before cell phones?  Oh, that’s right.  They spent 4 minutes simply walking around the store. 😉

I have to admit, what I’m about to say is a little hypocritical because I myself have an iPhone and I love it.  But last night, I looked around and realized how many other spectators were looking more to their smartphones or flip phones and less to the actual game.  Um, you paid to be here, right?  I don’t get it.  Do they think that the push updates on the game are going to reach their phone faster than the actual action down on the court in front of them?  I mean, really.

When you’re in a closed-off facility where this is going on right in front of you:

Someone is dressed up like this:

And the half time entertainment does this:

And you’re checking your FACEBOOK FEED?  I don’t get it.  I can almost guarantee whatever status update your former elementary school pal is making at that second is not nearly as awesome as what’s in front of your face!

Okay, I’m done now.

Back to training talk :).  I made it out for a scheduled 4 mile run today.  We’re in week 6 of 12 — crazy to think halfway through!  After running that 6 miles on Sunday, I absolutely feel like a half marathon is do-able.  When I started and I was having to stop and walk a lot and I was worried I would never be able to make it, a half marathon seemed about as obtainable as a delicious low-fat brownie.  Exxxxxactly.  No where to be found.

I’m still dealing with the sick — runny nose, cough, goopy throat, but I took a rest day yesterday and knew I needed to get out there and at least try to do something.  ANYTHING.  I ran the first two miles with an okay time, but running in super cold weather (I said it didn’t snow that bad, I never said it wasn’t cold still!) with a runny nose means frozen snot.  Yuck.  Very hard to breathe.  I powered out another mile after a little walking break and then called it a day.  Not what I wanted, but I need to recognize that another mile is something I could have handled under normal circumstances and I don’t want to push myself and get burned out.  It will be okay.  Besides, the “long run” for this weekend is just a 5K.  We’re supposed to be racing, but there isn’t one nearby, so I think Sam and I will be participating in the first ever “Not Unless I’m Being Chased” 5k.  Registration details to follow ;).

At least on my crummy run, I had some little cheerleaders rooting for me every time I passed by our house. 😉

That’s Zora on the left and Ruby (just barely tall enough to see out the living room picture window) on the right.

Don’t worry, you’ll get a formal introduction this weekend :).

Back to sipping tea and laying on the heating pad — I’m came home early from work sick.  I lost my voice and you can’t work in radio without a voice!

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