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Welcome!  Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re either related to me or you found this blog by accident.  Either way, I’m glad you stopped by.


This is the blog of one average woman attempting to train, run and finish (without major injury or death) a marathon.  A MARATHON, I said.  *moment of silence* Before I continue, I feel I should go ahead with this disclaimer: my blog was NOT inspired by the Columbia Pictures movie Julie & Julia, I am NOT looking for a movie deal (some movie that would be – just a chick running – yawn) and this is NOT an exercise in airing my grievances on the interweb as so many pre-pubescent/pubescent/post-pubescent blogs do.  I have nothing to share about Mom and Dad taking away my texting privileges or forbidding me to piece my (*insert most popularly punctured body part*).  Instead, this blog, in its most simple form, is going to serve as a way for me to chronicle my training and reflect on how far I’ve progressed or how far I’ve regressed.  Either way, should be a good laugh in about 10 years.


For security purposes, I’ve decided not to post anything personal about myself.  Instead, I’ll work in vague parameters to give you an idea of who I am.  I’m a mid-to-late 20’s something woman living in the Midwest.  I am married, I have no children and according to a quick perusal of Google: I am the average woman in terms of height, weight, shoe size and body composition.  Finally, an answer for why the clearance racks rarely have much inventory in my size!  I work a 40-hour work week just like the rest of you and I would hardly consider my job stressful.  Running for me isn’t about stress relief, but more on that later.

I chose not to go into more specifics about myself because I feel that’s not the point of this adventure.  I’m not writing to be best friends with you.  I’m not writing for your sympathy or your scorn.  I’m writing to have proof of a transformation I believe will take place over the next 6 months.  Besides, maybe, just maybe, this will inspire someone else to start running, and who am I to burden them with specifics?  People will use anything to stop themselves: “I’m not as a thin as she is” “I’m not as tall” “I have smaller feet” whatttttttever.


Ah yes.  “Not Unless I’m Being Chased.”  I know, a little odd.  I struggled with what to name the blog because I really wanted it to reflect my endeavor.  “The Road Not Traveled ” was already taken.  Thanks, Frost.  You steal all the good ones.

Anyway, I picked the name because that used to be my standard response when the general subject of running came up.  “Oh, do you run?” people would ask.  “Not unless I’m being chased.”  It was a good way to deflect my general lack of athleticism and a way to mask the fact that I wanted to run, I just believed I COULDN’T.  I don’t believe that anymore.  I don’t ALLOW myself to believe that anymore.  I’m not going to think anymore that I’m not fast enough, that I don’t have the perseverance or ability.  Hogwash.

So, that gets us off and running (ooh, bad pun) with this blog.  Stay tuned for more on Why A Marathon? and Just How Are You Doing This? annnnnnnd So You’re Already A Runner, Right?

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  1. Hello – I stumbled across this blog by accident. Well not exactly by accident – you used the running tag and I have a tag subscription to the word running and voila. I’m always in training for some sort of marathon, but I will add that I happily (yes, happily) ran my first marathon and did not succumb to majory injury or death. Good luck with your training travels.

    p.s. I love the name. Less cliched than Frost.

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